I can’t believe that Luke already turned one and actually as of yesterday he’s 13 months old!! It’s gone by so fast and he’s grown up so fast. On his birthday he started walking and hasn’t looked back. He has 5 teeth out right now and another 4 breaking out. He loves big boy food and pretty much will not eat any baby food at all. Now that he can walk he wants to spend about 80% of the day outside. Thank god for the mild winter. I can go on and on about all the new stuff he does everyday. It’s just crazy to see with grow into the little boy that he is and that he will keep on growing. Here are some photos from his birthday party and some photos for a little photo shoot we did right after he turned 1!
Luke and his new friend.
A couple of photos before our photo shoot in Old Sacramento

luke playing around with his mom in the grassluke being hugged by his mom in old sacramentoluke with his mom for portrait photographyluke hugging his dad for a photo portrait in old sacramentoluke flying in the air with dad catching him for photography portraitsluke playing around with mom and dad for portrait photographyluke being hugged by his mom for a photo in sacramentoluke holding onto a pole during his portrait photography sessionluke walking in the grass for his portrait photosluke smiling for his portrait photography session in old sacramentoluke smiling for his portrait photography sessionluke holding his dad's hand, portrait photographyLuke & his dad playing, sacramento portrait photographyLuke playing on a wall, sacramento portrait photographyLuke playing in sacramento for portrait photographyLuke playing in sacramento for portrait photography


he totally has gotten big!
happy birthday, little man!

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